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LaserMinter IR Plus - ideal for all Metals, Plastics & Acrylics 

LaserMinter IR Plus Bundle:
- IR Laser Platform with adjustable desktop mount and galvanometer.

- Windows PC, Roller Accessory, 2 x Goggles and Ruggedized case.

- Free listing of minted products on the Phygital Club marketplace.

- Full 2 year hardware warranty plus free software upgrades.

Hardware Specifications:

- Infrared (IR) Pulsed Fiber Laser with 1064nm output.

- 2W Average Optical Power at 1064nm wavelength.

- 20kW Peak Pulse Optical Power.
- Laser engraving accuracy = 0.001mm.

- Built-in optical galvanometer for marking up to 70mm x 70mm area.
- Ultra-hi-res optics for marking QR codes down to 5mm x 5mm area.

- Roller accessory for marking on curved surfaces such as cans.
- 2 x IR Laser Goggles and Blue Marking Guard for eye-safety. 
- Windows notebook PC and USB drive pre-loaded with all software.

- Portable, lightweight laser desktop format with PC (5.9kg weight).

- Ruggedized carry-case for LaserMinter and all Accessories (17.2kg fully loaded weight).

Software Specifications:

- LaserMinter Creators Software for creation of Phygital NFTs (Windows).

- Creators Account for vendor registration with Phygital User App.
- Creators Account for listing products on the Phygital Club NFT Marketplace.

Delivery, Installation & Service:
- Delivery within 3 - 4 months of receiving pre-order.
- Earliest orders get highest shipping priority.

- Customer set-up and installation required.

- Full refund available for non-delivery within 5 months ARO. 
- Online support from Decentryk engineer (24 hour chat portal).

- Full product replacement warranty for 2 years after delivery.

LaserMinter IR Plus

Product is shipped within 3-4 months of pre-order. Earliest orders have highest shipping priority.
  • 1) IR Pulsed Fiber Laser with desktop mount.
    2) Roller accessory for marking on curved surfaces.
    3) 2 x IR Laser Goggles & Marking Guard for eye-safety.
    4) Windows notebook PC pre-loaded with software.
    5) Ruggedized case for LaserMinter & Accessories.

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