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Shipping & Returns Policy

Products offered for pre-order will typically be shipped within a 3 month to 4 month period after receipt of order and payment in full. However potential supply chain issues mean that late deliveries can occur and shipping may take as long as 5-6 months after receipt of order. The company is not liable for any additional costs you may incur due to late or non-delivery. You are not entitled to cancel your order and receive a refund until a period of 5 months after receipt of order has expired without delivery.


If the product has not been shipped to you within 5 months of receipt of order then you will be entitled at your discretion to cancel your purchase order and receive a refund in full (less restocking costs that cannot exceed 20% of the total purchase price).  No order cancellations can be made or refunds will be offered to you until your order has failed to ship within 5 months of you placing your initial order, and that you have specifically requested an order cancellation and refund.

For the month of May 2023 we will be offering free global shipping and delivery from our headquarters in Miami, FL, USA. After this time we will be charging for shipping costs when invoicing the customer for product payment via the payment gateway. Shipping costs will be calculated for shipment from Miami, USA to the customers state or country of residence. Any additional fees such as local sales tax in your region or country will be typically be charged upon check-out when placing an order.


We offer our LaserMinter products with either a 1 year or 2 year full replacement warranty after the date of delivery has on all hardware components depending on product bundle and options. We offer free upgrades and bug fixes for all software components for the lifetime of the product. We do not offer any return options for undamaged hardware and properly working products either during or after the warranty period  for that product bundle. We do not offer any return and replacement of hardware after the quoted warranty period has expired.


When we receive a valid warranty claim for a damaged or non-working hardware product component purchased from us, we will replace the product component with new product within a reasonable time once the non-working product has been received and examined by us at our premises in Miami, FL, USA. If the product is verified as damaged or non-working we will pay for shipment of replacement products to the customer. The customer will be responsible for the costs of the return shipment of the non-working or damaged product to us.

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