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Introducing the LaserMinter

Laser-blockchain platform for minting Decentryk "Phygital" IDs with digital identity and file storage connected to physical items:

  • Digital verification of physical products

  • Anti-counterfeit & Anti-theft protection

  • Provenance & Valuation tracking

  • Service history and user documentation

  • Web3 storage for media file uploads

Become a Decentryk early adopter and pre-order a LaserMinter before our global Q3 launch with deliveries starting Q2 2024.


LaserMinter hardware and software bundles enable luxury brands, bespoke creators, artists and collectors to quickly and easily add Decentryk ID's with cloud storage to their real-world assets.


Simple, Fast, Permanent

Unlike phygital NFT solutions based on NFC chips, our laser technology allows for fast, permanent creation of phygital ID codes post-production - so even sales and marketing teams can mint 3mm circular QR codes with ease.


Easy 3FA via Decentryk App

When you sell a unique product with a Decentryk ID your customers can 3FA authenticate their new purchase, verify ownership, upload files or sell items via the free Decentryk App on their phone using Scan-Hash-Verify functionality. 


Grow Product Value & Sales

By enhancing physical products with digital features Decentryk technology can add over 10% to your product value. We can also grow your brand & sales reach via the Decentryk Store or Pro bundles with white-label software.

Decentryk ID Technology Features

Featured Case Studies

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